The Medicine Horse Project

Spring 2019 Workshop Schedule

Breaking through the Fear - Developing Resilience and Confidence
April 6th $50.00 10am to 3pm - No Need to Bring a horse

Breaking Down the Basics - Why do we Circle/Lunger - Ground Schooling 101

May 19th $50.00 10am to 3pm - Bring your horse or use one of ours

Round Pen for Relationship

DATE TO COME $50.00 9am to 2pm

Dream Building in the Healing Herd

​DATE TO COME $100.00 9am to 4pm

Breaking through the Obstacles

​June 23rd $50.00 9am to 2pm

​Call Chris 916-896-9992 or email

​Registration required

OUR METHOD:  We teach Resiliency through Horsemanship.  Whether you are looking to expand your communication skills with your horse, learn to develop a deeper connection and partnership, or are seeking a unique opportunity to examine self, there is something for you in Resiliency through Horsemanship.

We build a foundation through communication, leadership and patience.  We build trust, partnership and freedom of expression not only in our equine partners, but in ourselves.

Come join the Healing Herd for a wonderful journey into Resiliency through Horsemanship.