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"Immerse yourself in the conversation between you and your horse. Spend quality time in your horse's world learning more about your partner than you ever knew was possible, offering you an opportunity for new self awareness and discovery.  Deepen your connection and discover your resilience."

Chris served on the board of Lifesavers, Inc. from 2006 to 2009, exiting as Vice President.  She was instrumental in the development of the curriculum for Happy Horse Academy, a natural horsemanship program developed for Lifesavers.  She also earned her EAGALA Horse Specialist Certification in 2008.

In 2009 Chris began Resilient Life Horsemanship, offering a mobile horse training and workshop service specializing in developing partnerships between horse and rider.

Currently Chris is Executive Director of The Medicine Horse Project, bringing her wealth of experience to the organization and its programs.

The experience I had at the Medicine Horse Project Women’s Empowerment Retreat was nothing short of AMAZING!
That AH-HA moment can be exhilarating or emotional or funny.  I came away  with more confidence and belief in myself which will help me tremendously in my daily life. Lisa M.

Hazel Patterson has taught yoga and self care for 16 years. She loves to be a channel for the wisdom and practical tools of the Hatha, Tantric and Shamanic healing traditions. A trained dancer with a background in clinical hypnotherapy and ongoing studies in Equine Assisted Learning, Hazel is always inspired to learn from, as well as teach her students. Website: hazelpattersonyoga.com

Angi Murray
professional horse trainer

The Medicine Horse Project

chris nichols
Resilient Life Horsemanship

The Medicine Horse Project and Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue present



Aug. 31st to Sept. 3rd, 2018

This wild horse gentling and personal empowerment retreat will take place in the beautiful foothills of the Sierras known as Caliente, California (aka Twin Oaks).  You will stay in cute little cabins at Wild Horse Canyon part of the 1000 acre horse rescue ranch belonging to Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.  All meals will be provided.

This program will have a variety of activities involving wild horse gentling instructed by professional skilled mustang trainers.   There will be yoga, meditation, basic archery instruction, and a host of other dream building and life affirming activities.

The wild horse gentling activity will partner our guests with rescued wild mustangs in a round pen and you will have the opportunity to connect with a wild horse helping it learn to trust humans and preparing it for a life of domestication. This entire program consists of  ground activities only.  There will not be riding opportunities. 

As you learn about the horse you are partnered with, you will also learn a lot about yourself.  The gentling instructors will guide you while you make new discoveries within yourself and gain empowerment to achieve your goals, manifest your dreams, improve your relationships, and revitalize yourself in general

PLEASE ARRIVE Friday evening, August 31, 2018 BETWEEN 4PM & 7PM, to get settled and rested before the activities begin Saturday morning.  Our last activity is scheduled for Monday afternoon with the program concluding after lunch.

The address of Wild Horse Canyon is 35700 Sand Canyon Road, Caliente,California 93518,  For more information: 661-867-2661, info@medicinehorseproject.org.

The fee for the retreat is $950 and we will require a deposit of $200 to hold your space in this journey.  If you cancel no later than 2 weeks prior to the retreat, we will refund your payment in full including the deposit.  Cancellations 2 weeks or less prior to the retreat will forfeit the $200 deposit and will be considered it a tax deductible donation.

Get ready - This is a Life Changing experience that you will never forget!

Angi got her first shot at gentling mustangs when she volunteered for Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue many years ago.  From there she became the lead staff trainer and helped gentle and train as many as 100 horses.  She and Chris Nichols developed Happy Horse Academy - a series of training programs taking people and horses from basic ground schooling all the way to saddle starting. 

Since then Angi has gone on to start her own professional horse training business based in Santa Ynez, California.  She and her husband Seth work tirelessly together to help horse owners and adopters with the progressive schooling of their mounts. 

Angi even has a number of Lifesavers' horses in training after they have been adopted.  Recently she helped Dewey, a big Percheron gelding (adopted and now working as a Sheriff's mounted posse horse) get ready for the 2017 Rose Bowl Parade. 

More about Angi and Seth can be found on their popular facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/angisdmurray

Yoga and meditation