The Medicine Horse Project

We are offering the opportunity for approved businesses and organizations to sponsor or partner with The Medicine Horse Project on our tshirt campaigns.  There is no fee to become a sponsor or partner.  You will have your business or organization name prominently displayed on the back of the shirt. 

The campaign will run for one week at a time (longer if you wish) and you will only need to secure a minimum of 3 tshirt sales in order for them to go to print at the close of the campaign.  Each shirt sold will benefit The Medicine Horse Project.

If you are a For Profit business sponsor all profits will go to The Medicine Horse Project.  For NonProfit partners the tshirt sales profits will be shared 50/50.

All right, title and interest to the design and tshirt campaign will be held by The Medicine Horse Project. 

Here's how it works.  Upon approval of your business or organization, you will provide MHP with your simple print ready art, or a sample of what you would like on the back of the shirt.  See the photos below as an example of a simple design.  Logos or clip art can be added, but must be simple with 4 or less colors.  The more colors on the shirt - the higher the retail cost.  Photos cannot be printed on the shirt.

MHP retains control over the shirt design front and back, but will not launch your campaign without your approval.

Once the campaign is launched you will have one week to secure a minimum of 3 tshirt sales.  There is no maximum.  If you do not secure at least 3 sales, the campaign will close and be cancelled without printing any shirts at all.  If one or two shirts were ordered, those people will not be charged and they will not receive a shirt.

Shirts will not go to print until the campaign closes.  Then it takes about 2 weeks for the shirts to print and ship.  This is why a shorter campaign is better.

If successful, we can re-launch your campaign over and over again.  We can change the style of the shirt, but not the design.  For instance your second campaign may feature a women's tank top instead of the standard tshirt.  Or as fall approaches, a long sleeved tshirt might be popular, or a hoodie come winter.  Each with the same graphics/slogans on front and back.

For our business sponsors this is a great way for you to help The Medicine Horse Rescue raise funds for our horse rescue and healing programs.  Plus your customers, friends and family get a very cool shirt, and you get free advertising.  Win-win-win.

As a non-profit partner, your organization and The Medicine Horse Project will share the profits from the tshirt sales.  Once the campaign ends and all shirts are shipped, we will be paid by Teespring, and we can then send your share of the profit.  Expect it to take at least 30 days after the close of the campaign.

The only down fall of this campaign is that neither the sponsor, the partner, or MHP are provided with the names and emails of the buyers.  However, there is an option to email all buyers from the campaign platform and when the buyers respond their names and emails can be captured.  We have no control of the privacy policy of Teespring. 

Ready to get started?  Email me and we'll launch your own HORSES ARE GOOD MEDICINE tshirt campaign right away!

tSHIRT campaign - become a sponsor

become a tshirt sponsor or partner

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