The Medicine Horse Project

Our herd of rescued horses are very special.  They each have their own story.  Some of horrible abuse and neglect others of abandonment and hardship.  We at Medicine Horse Project have seen the resilience these horses have.  With often no reason to trust a human, they do.  Some having suffered debilitating injury, malnutrition, or victims of physical abuse, recover.  Not only do they recover physically, mentally and emotionally, they become resilient.

That is the lesson The Healing Herd has to share with us.  Experiencing, conquering and moving through adversity can stretch our resilient muscles to bring us back, smarter, healthier and stronger than ever before.

There is something powerful about partnering a horse that a human has given up on, with a human that has maybe given up on them self.  Hope, healing and resilience is discovered.

This is what the Healing Herd has to offer us.  Hope. Healing. Resilience.

Ways to Experience the Healing Herd

Volunteer.  We have volunteer opportunities for every level of horsemanship or for the first time horse handler.  We need help feeding, mucking, grooming and walking the Heal Herd.

Resiliency Through Horsemanship:  Check out our workshop schedule and register for a unique horsemanship program.

The Healing Herd Programs:  We offer programs for veterans, women's empowerment, at risk youth, or for anyone seeking a deeper connection with self, nature or a holistic view of healing.

​Visit:  Come tour the ranch, meet the Healing Herd.  Then decide what level of involvement, whether it be a Resiliency Through Horsemanship workshop, volunteering, or a special program that might best suit your journey.

​Most important, call us.  916.896.9992 or email

The Healing Herd.