I have been volunteering at MHP for several months now and absolutely love it.
The staff and volunteers are all welcoming and hard working. Chris and Morgan put their heart and souls into their love of animals and the rehabilitation and rehoming of these marvelous horses. Without their help, some of these horses would have been euthanized and never have gotten a second chance at life and love. I love being able to come up and spend time with both the people and the animals.
I am currently working with a mustang that hasn't had the best luck with humans and is finding it hard to trust. It is a humbling experience to spend time with such a noble creature. I would never have gotten the opportunity or the knowledge I've gotten in the little time I've been here, if not for Chris, Morgan, and all the animals here. If you ever have the chance to spend some time there, you'll understand.

I found the Medicine Horse Project almost two years ago. Spoke with the director Chris Nichols on the phone, and planned a visit up with the family. When we got there I knew this was where I’m bringing home my forever horse. She introduced us to Emerald, and well the rest is history. Chris has such a fabulous process to make sure you are making the right decision. No rash moments are allowed. So a second visit was scheduled. The 4-hour drive home all I could think about was getting back to see my horse. The moment I got the call that I was indeed approved was the best call. Emerald was delivered on my youngest daughter's birthday. She is such a blessing to have in our family. Finding the Medicine Horse Project was one of the greatest things to happen to our family. We are forever grateful that they allowed us to love one of their babies. -- Client served 

A great and beautiful environment for the horses they rescue. I have seen first hand how their love has transformed many. They are great people. -- Donor

I have known the Medicine Horse Project for 5+ years as they are neighbors. I have donated to them frequently. My husband and I have been fortunately able to see the good they do on a daily basis. From dis guarded camp horses to abused horses, they have all been loved, trained, and taken care of. I have seen horses and people grow in confidence while at Medicine Horse project. Every time I give I know what difference my donation is making. THANK YOU Chris and MORGAN for all you do. -- Donor

As an adopter and participant in their clinics, I cannot say enough amazing things about Medicine Horse. Their horses receive the best possible care, and they really encourage the partnership between horse and human. They set their adopters up for success. -- Client Served

I found my forever heart horse while visiting Medicine Horse Project…it wasn’t planned…it just happened. My beautiful 4 yr old Mustang cross mare touched my heart and I adopted her shortly thereafter. As part of the “healing herd”, she had touched and helped many people who had participated in their wonderful resilience programs and workshops. Her connection to people was very strong, and she knew her purpose. She was wild when she arrived at Medicine Horse, and through the patient gentling and training she got from Chris and Morgan and the volunteers there, she was able to quickly integrate into life beyond her job at Medicine Horse. The calm, safe environment they provide helped her build confidence and trust that now shows tenfold as she is exposed to many new things. She is ready to learn more and please me in whatever I ask of her. As with all the horses at Medicine Horse, she is in exceptional physical condition due to their diligent care, and when she arrived at her new home in a public boarding barn, everyone was impressed with how healthy and well-adjusted she was knowing she had come from a rescue. I cannot recommend Medicine Horse Project enough! I would give a million stars if I could! Thank you for all you do to not only save these wonderful horses but also the humans they touch through your programs. -- Client Served

The director has a way of working with all people and all horses and helping everyone heal and thrive. -- Board Member 

I am an adopter of a beautiful mare from Medicine Horse Project. Not only was she extremely well cared for and trained by Medicine Horse, but she also participated in many workshops and healing sessions with humans to help them overcome trauma and fear. I have also participated in workshops at Medicine Horse and can say first hand that my life has been enriched through my involvement with them! Horses are good medicine!! -- Client served 

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting The Medicine Horse Project a few times and I was so blessed to see the love that Chris and Morgan bestow on each and every animal. Chris gave the tour and told me of each animals needs and the healing that each one required. She always gave each one loving pats and kisses to those who were calm enough. And to those who were still mistrusting, she spent time speaking softly and encouragingly. These two people have so much love to give to the animals in their care and their knowledge of what each individual needs is awesome, truly. -- Donor