Meet Out Newest Rescues

Fancy Dancer

3 Year Fol


Mustang Qtr X

Fancy is early in her gentling process.  She is a bold, confident mare that will develop into an incredible partner.  She is the "Mother" of her pen.  We love watching her guide her herd mates.

Gene Simmons

Approx. 2 years old

10.3 hands

Gene was wandering the streets of a local city and picked up by animal control services where he was housed at the County barn until someone would come and claim him. No one came.

Although he is in good weight, his hooves have not been cared for and he is very defensive and scared.

Gene is also intact and soon to be gelded.

Although he is slow to trust, he is coming around quickly and will be available for adoption once fully rehabilitated.  He is a fancy mover and would be adorable pulling a carriage.

Shannon T.

Approx. 3 years old

10.2 hands

Shannon was found along with Gene and they are clearly very bonded to each other.

Unlike Gene, Shannon is thin and her hooves are in desperate need of some TLC.  She appears to be wormy, but with proper care and appropriate treatment, her health is coming around.

She is also slow to trust and full of brace.  She requires patience and strong leadership and then comes along quickly.

Shannon picks up all 4 feet, ties and loves kisses on her nose.


2 Year Old 


Mustang Qtr X

Ireland is a love.  Very sensitive but very willing.  She is still in the gentling process and will begin her ground schooling very soon .

Interested in volunteering or adoption?

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Welcome to Lucky Chance Ranch

The Medicine Horse Projects Northern California Location

Surrounded by sacred cedars in the heart of the El Dorado National Forest.


3 Year Old


Mustang Qtr X

This girl is a superstar and she is ready for her forever person.  Emerald halters, ties, picks up all 4 feet and has even worn a saddle.

This girl LOVES people and will choose us over her herd mates when we are out on the ranch.

The Medicine Horse Project


4 Year Old


Welsh Pony

Tawnee is a delight.  Rescued 3 years ago from the slaughter pipeline by a very loving woman who has done an excellent job getting her healthy and handleable.

Now Tawnee is ready for her forever person.