Dear friend,

I founded  Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in 1997 with one horse in my backyard, and just 18 short years later Lifesavers has been responsible for the rescue of more than a thousand wild and domestic horses and is caring for nearly 500 now.  All of them were in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter, abused, and/or neglected.

Over the years and under my leadership I've accomplished many other things on behalf of Lifesavers. 

In year 2000 I assembled a hot shot group of wild horse trainers and we flew to the land down under to conduct gentling workshops for Australia's wild horses, Brumbys, and their advocates. It was the first Brumby gentling event that they have ever had. 

Later on Lifesavers would gentle 3 wild mustangs for the Olympic games held in Utah.  The BLM was having a promotional display for the games and asked three different wild horse organizations to participate in this way.  So we gentled Jack, Mohawk and Gator.  They went to Utah and were adopted after the games were over.

Lifesavers was responsible for many historic auction rescues saving literally hundreds of horses at one time.  In July 2010 in Fallon Nevada 170 wild mustangs were rounded up and dropped at the livestock auction to be sold for meat - pennies on the pound.  When I heard of this atrocity I contacted a benefactor and she and I went to the auction and purchased every single horse away from the killer buyers sending them home empty handed. Those horses have their very own sanctuary in Northern California living the good life.  I continued to do large scale rescue a few more times after that.

In 2006 I was one of the first responders to the Three Strikes Ranch in Nebraska where 100 horse skeletons were found and 200 other starving horses needed to be removed.  I worked alongside the HSUS, Habitat for Horses, and many others. 

I facilitated the rescue of about 400 Paiute ponies for Madeleine Pickens and they live at her Mustang Monument resort in Northern Nevada.

I have worked on a few projects together with Neda DeMayo of Return to Freedom where we saved many horses lives.  She and I are great friends and always will be.

In 2011 I involved  Lifesavers in The Grandmothers Ride Home which was a memorial ride tracing the Cheyenne Exodus from Ft. Reno, Oklahoma all the way to Lame Deer, Montana.  We provided mustangs, truck and trailer, and riders for that 1400 mile spiritual journey.

And there have been several television broadcasts and film releases.  Two programs on Animal Planet, and a feature in the award winning Roaming Wild documentary produced by Sylvia Johnson that explores the issues surrounding American wild horses.  I am featured in the film with my leading man, Majik.

There are so many memorable moments and projects that I brought to Lifesavers that I might never end this note if I keep listing them.  But I would be remiss if I didn't recall the creation and implementation of Wild Horse Boot Camp.  This is the renowned annual wild horse gentling clinic that was offered to the general public so people could learn how to safely and humanely make a connection and partnership with a wild horse.  What spawned from that is even more remarkable. 

Wild Horse Warriors, co-created with Suzi Landolphi of Big Heart Ranch, is a version of Boot Camp with an equine assisted therapy component called Horse Inspired Growth and Healing (HIGH).  With Lifesavers as the host and facility, and Suzi as the unbridled therapist, the program has managed to save the lives of suicidal veterans who have come home from war with debilitating invisible injuries.

As I write this and reflect back on all the years that I led my organization from seed to Sequoia, I can't help but beam with pride as it always has been and remains to this moment a fiscally sound organization with a stellar reputation.   I continue to do uphold my responsibilities with Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue as their Executive Director and I am taking a nurturing role in a new organization called...


I created another rescue and healing organization called The Medicine Horse Project for the purpose of facilitating equine assisted therapy programs for multiple locations and a wide range of demographics such as veterans, first responders, people fighting addiction, women who need empowerment and resiliency, and more.   Medicine Horse has earned its nonprofit 501c3 status from the IRS and issues tax deductible receipts to donors.

Our initial location is the most beautiful property I have ever lived.  It just calls for healing retreats and horse rescue.  And, we are expanding to a northern California location called Lucky Chance Ranch owned by our own Chris and Morgan Nichols. 

I hope that you will follow this new adventure and support the activities of The Medicine Horse Project. 

You will have a bird's eye view of the birth of a new nonprofit and will witness the greatness of what we are going to do with horse rescue, rehabilitation, gentling and healing.  Join us now, and let's do some amazing rescue and healing together.

Many blessings,

Jill Starr

An introduction by Jill Starr

The Medicine Horse Project