Thank you to everyone who make our rescue work possible.  I appreciate it and I can guarantee you that the horses do too!

Please make your most generous donation for these Medicine Horse Project rescue and healing efforts. 

We hope you will help us with ongoing care and operations.  The Medicine Horse Project is all about "healing" - starting with our horses.

Starting over, building a brand new horse rescue from the bottom up, is a very challenging task.  We are in need of everything to care for the horses all the way down to the basics:Buckets; Grooming Tools; Hay Feeders; Water Troughs; Corral Panels; Halters; Lead Ropes, etc.

And...of course we need HAY - lots of hay!!!

I am grateful for your support of any kind, of any amount.  Every penny is a gift!  Please join our mailing list if you'd like to receive monthly updates.   

Many Blessings,

Jill Starr



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The Medicine Horse Project

Mare and Foal Abandoned at Christmas.

Welcome to the herd!

The Directors of The Medicine Horse Project acknowledge that animals are sentient beings with the power to heal the hearts of those who make a personal connection with them.  We believe that animals should be admired, respected, and when needed, rescued. 

The Medicine Horse Project’s mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of horses who have suffered neglect and abuse, or are in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter.   

The rehabilitation of the rescued horse will involve and engage volunteers and program guests who come to The Project’s healing retreats.  Our guests will give care to the animals in The Medicine Horse Project, and in doing so, they will prepare them for adoption into new loving homes.  The return benefit to the caregivers is a healing of the mind, body and spirit that only animals can give humans.

Sanctuary will be provided for certain rescued horses who are not well suited for adoption due to age, health issues, or temperament.  In these cases, lifelong care will be given and the horses will not be made available for adoption.

In addition to the rescue of horses in need, The Medicine Horse Project will also open its arms to other species of animals under special circumstances. 

The Medicine Horse Project makes its home at the Lucky Chance Ranch located in the beautiful El Dorado National Forest in Northern California.

The Medicine Horse Project is a California 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Phoenix and Phoebe - Abandoned at Christmas, malnourished, to fend for themselves.  Their story is heartbreaking.  Phoenix is roughly 25 years old.  Very few teeth left, unable to eat properly, ulcers in her mouth from no dental care and a previously broken pelvis.  Phoebe, so malnourished her development is stunted, she has an umbilical hernia and a heart murmur.  These two beautiful souls are the definition of resilient!

UPDATE: Safe @ The Medicine Horse Project.  Phoenix and Phoebe joined our healing herd in January.  They are gaining strength daily.  Phoenix has had much needed dental work to stop her sharp teeth from causing ulcers and pain in her mouth.  This will also allow her to digest food properly.  Due to her age, and very deteriorated teeth, she will require a special diet for senior horses and likely remain with us for the rest of her life.

Phoebe will require surgery to repair her hernia, and if the heart murmur continues as she gains strength, we will need to consider a heart ultra sound to investigate what the damage or defect in her heart is.  First steps are getting her strong and handling safely.  Meanwhile, she has been examined by the vet, and given vaccinations and a second de-worming treatment.

Both have captured our hearts!  Welcome to the Healing Herd!

UPDATE May 9, 2018 - Thanks to your love and support, Phoenix and Phoebe are thriving!

Phoebe has been weaned from mom and has received her life saving surgery.  She is currently recovering on 8 weeks of stall rest and will be available for adoption very soon.

Phoenix is enjoying retirement and being spoiled rotten!  She will live our the remainder of her life as a permanent member of the Healing Herd.  She would appreciate a monthly sponsor.