Thank you to everyone who make our rescue work possible.  I appreciate it and I can guarantee you that the horses do too!

Please make your most generous donation for these Medicine Horse Project rescue and healing efforts. 

We hope you will help us with ongoing care and operations.  The Medicine Horse Project is all about "healing" - starting with our horses.

Starting over, building a brand new horse rescue from the bottom up, is a very challenging task.  We are in need of everything to care for the horses all the way down to the basics:Buckets; Grooming Tools; Hay Feeders; Water Troughs; Corral Panels; Halters; Lead Ropes, etc.

And...of course we need HAY - lots of hay!!!

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Jill Starr


UPDATE DECEMBER 2018 - Worthy is beginning to THRIVE.  She is gaining weight, health and most importantly she is gaining trust.  She has captured our hearts as well as the hearts of all who visit MHP.  She still has a long way to go but we will take all the time she needs to get there.

​Today is 1 week since Worthy received her freedom ride from a Louisiana Direct Ship Kill Pen. Let's just say it's been a REALLY BIG WEEK!
She traveled 200 miles to her quarantine facility. They are taking excellent care and providing regular updates.
How does a beautiful mare like this end up in a direct ship kill pen?

Here is what we know so far. Worthy was born wild on the Dry Creek HMA in Nevada. She roamed our public lands wild and free until she was captured as a 2 year and sent to a BLM holding facility in Ridgecrest, CA. Eventually she was transported all the way to Illinois for a satellite adoption event. She was NOT adopted and received a strike. Late that year, December of 2004, she was transported to another satellite adoption event also in Illinois, where she was adopted as a 4 year old.

Fast forward 14 years....DUMPED AT A DIRECT SHIP KILL PEN! What has this mare been through in her life? Who has she been servant to? She was thanked by being SOLD for SLAUGHTER. Someone, took her to a direct ship kill pen, and accepted money, for her death.

There is no nice way to say it. This country allows horses to be sold for slaughter, processed in horrific conditions across our borders in Mexico and Canada. Why? Human consumption overseas and the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR. NOT dog food, or in the making of glue, or for any other use in the United States. Our American horses are sold by the pound, transported in over crowded trailers for extended periods of time, with no food, water or rest, across our borders for slaughter. The slaughter methods in these facilities do not ensure a quick death, in fact many remain alive during dismemberment. Think about that for a second.

I can’t. It MUST stop. All slaughter houses that processed horse meat (all were foreign owned) have closed. There is a reason why. AMERICAN’S DON’T EAT HORSES! In fact, Texas and Illinois, the last two states to have such slaughter houses, have since implemented laws that ban selling, giving or possessing horse meat intended for human consumption.

January 2017 the S.A.F.E. (Safeguard American Food Exports) Act was introduced into the House of Representatives. This bill alters the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem equine parts to be an unsafe food additive or animal drug. The bill prohibits the knowing sale or transport of equines or equine parts for human consumption.

What can you do? Contact your legislative leaders and urge them to pass this law! Need a reason why?

Worthy is WORTHY of so much more. Born wild and free, a living symbol of our American heritage. The West was built upon the backs of her ancestors. America's Wild Horses are to be protected, cherished and appreciated. Instead, she was sold to the highest bidder to be sent across our border and die a horrific death. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Today, Worthy has been in quarantine for 1 week. Monday she saw a Veterinarian. She is healthy, she is sound, she is strong. She needs weight. She is under weight but has a strong will to survive. We authorized any necessary veterinary care, and requested a dental exam and teeth float if necessary. Examination showed her teeth are in fine shape, no dental services necessary. She looks like this because someone neglected her. Someone didn't provide the very basics in care like food and water.

Worthy is WORTHY of so much MORE! We are going to ensure she gets it.

Today's update from her caretaker: "She doesn't look as sad, defeated or run down, she still of course needs to gain weight, but her eyes are brighter", she goes on to tell us, "Worthy is a watcher and observer, she watches every move you make around the QT pens. I don't think she is mean or aggressive. She is scared. She has the kindest eyes and a dainty face. With time, attention and trust building, she is going to have a larger than life bond with someone down the road."

That is exactly what she will get here at MHP and with the Healing Herd, time, attention and trust building.

We have a long way to go. She will remain in quarantine until the middle of October. Towards the end of her stay, as long as no illnesses present, she will be vaccinated, coggins tested, and receive a health certificate and brand inspection. Between October 15th and the 18th, she will be picked up and transported to California and will join the Healing Herd.

All of this is costly. We need your commitment. Worthy's bill is a hefty one and continues to grow and of course we have the Healing Herd that we continue to care for. Please continue to support Worthy's path to complete health and healing and her journey to MHP

The Directors of The Medicine Horse Project acknowledge that animals are sentient beings with the power to heal the hearts of those who make a personal connection with them.  We believe that animals should be admired, respected, and when needed, rescued. 

The Medicine Horse Project’s mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of horses who have suffered neglect and abuse, or are in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter.   

The rehabilitation of the rescued horse will involve and engage volunteers and program guests who come to The Project’s healing retreats.  Our guests will give care to the animals in The Medicine Horse Project, and in doing so, they will prepare them for adoption into new loving homes.  The return benefit to the caregivers is a healing of the mind, body and spirit that only animals can give humans.

Sanctuary will be provided for certain rescued horses who are not well suited for adoption due to age, health issues, or temperament.  In these cases, lifelong care will be given and the horses will not be made available for adoption.

In addition to the rescue of horses in need, The Medicine Horse Project will also open its arms to other species of animals under special circumstances. 

The Medicine Horse Project makes its home at the Lucky Chance Ranch located in the beautiful El Dorado National Forest in Northern California.

The Medicine Horse Project is a California 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Welcome to the herd!


​Worthy - BLM Mare Saved From the Kill Pen September 2018

The Medicine Horse Project


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